RC-15 Samlex America Remote for PSE and PST Series Power Inverters

RC-15 Samlex America Remote Control for PSE Series

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15 foot On/Off Remote Control for Samlex America PSE & Power Inverters (See specific models below)

Model# Input Voltage Output Voltage Dimensions Output Fuse Rating Shipping Weight Lbs.
RC-15 Remote Control n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 1


Design Features

For use with the following Samlex America Power Inverters:

  • Model PSE-12125A
  • Model PSE-12175A
  • Model PSE-12275A
  • Model PSE-24125A
  • Model PSE-24175A
  • Model PSE-24275A
  • Model PST-60S-12A, 24A
  • Model PST-100S-12A, 24A
  • Model PST-150S-12A, 24A
  • Model PST-200S-12A, 24A


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