9B-1962-3 Koehler Bright Star Replacement Battery for Lighthawk LED Vision 600 and GEN II LED Lighthawk (built after 10/22)

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Fits GEN I Lighthawk LED Vision 600 model numbers: 07712, 07712 UTIL and 07732. It will also fit GEN II LED Lighthawk (076) Lights built after 10/22.

  • KBS252P
  • Nom 7.4V
  • Nom 5200mAh
  • 38.48Wh

Please Note:  Anyone with a Gen II Lighthawk built before 10-22 would need to return the light to KBS for service.  They would replace both the battery, circuit board and also alter the safety markings to the current listings for a cost of $165. Pricing subject to change.

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