Replacement Parts for Igloo Cooler Warmers

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Replacement Parts for Igloo® Cooler Warmers

Igloo® 8 FOOT Replacement Power Cord Igloo® 8 Foot Replacement Power Cord
RoadPro® Battery Adapter RPPSAPS Road Pro® Battery Adapter Lighter Socket with Alligator Clips
Koolatron® 12 Volt Battery Saver F70110 Koolatron 12 Volt Battery Saver
Igloo KOOLMATE 8 Replacement Motor Kit 9351 Igloo® Koolmate Motor Replacement (Brush-type) fits KoolMate 8 Coolers
Road Pro® Replacement Motor RPSMM Road Pro® Replacement Motor for RPSF-5234
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25105 igloo 8 foot replacement power cord


  • 7.5 Amp Replaceable Fuse
  • Special 2 Tiered Disc Shaped End Tip - Assures proper contact regardless of the type of vehicular socket plug

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  • Protect Vehicle Battery When Engine Is Off But KoolMateTM Is On
  • Automatically Turns KoolMateTM Off - When battery drains to 10.5 volts
  • Turns KoolMateTM Back On - Once vehicle is started and after available voltage reaches 12.5 volts
  • To be used in conjunction with normal cigarette lighter power cord
  • Each end is approximately 12 Inches long

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RPSC810battery guard


  • Protects your battery against excessive discharge when using 12 volt accessories
  • Ensures automatic cut-out of the 12 volt accessory at 11.2 volts battery voltage and cut-in at 12.5 volts battery voltage
  • 10 amps maximum load
  • 10 foot Power Cord
  • LED Status Indicator
  • To be used in conjunction with normal cigarette lighter power cord.
  • 90 day Limited Warranty 

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9434igloo_brush_motor_9434.GIF (2168 bytes)

This item has been discontinued.  Please see Item 8244

For use with products made before January 1994. (See bottom of unit for date stamp)

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8161igloo_brushless_motor_8161.GIF (1707 bytes)

For use with products made after January 1994. (See bottom of unit for date stamp).
A Brushless Motor that is designed to replace existing Thermo-Electric cooler motors.
Fits KoolMateTM 8, 18, 32, 36 and Kool Cruiser Coolers.

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8244igloo_universal_motor_8244.GIF (4609 bytes)


  • A Brushless Style Motor
  • PC Replacement Board
  • Fan And Universal Bracket
  • It is Designed to Replace Brush Style Motors - For Improved Efficiency and Performance
  • Works with - KoolMateTM 36's, 32's, 18's, 8's and Kool Karmates
  • Includes Installation Guide
  • NOTE: Does not work with the Kool RiderTM Series coolers or Kool CruisersTM made prior to April 1995
  • If replacing a brush motor with the new brushless motor you must use this kit

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