24 Volt Microwave

This Product has been Discontinued

The 24 volt microwave ovens are the smallest microwaves, but the true beauty of this 24 volt microwave lies in the triple-power system. These 24 volt microwave ovens can be powered three ways, standard AC, direct to 24 volt battery and via any vehicle power socket rated for 24 volts at 20 amps or higher. The 24 Volt microwave oven redefines the whole idea of mobile cooking.

What could be better than using a portable 24 volt microwave oven for heating and cooking? Using it as a cooler. Thanks to the integrated CoolBag softside cooler, the microwave oven can hold your lunch, drinks, and snacks and keep them cool until you are ready to cook. The CoolBag fits perfectly in the cooking cavity of the 24 volt microwave making it easy to transport food and drinks when you take it on the road. Items stay cool for up to five hours which makes it perfect for holding lunch fixings, food for a tailgate party, beverages, or whatever you need.

Each portable 24 volt microwave includes one CoolBag softside cooler.

Standard AC - A retractable, built in 110 volt AC cord allows you to plug the microwave oven into standard electrical outlets. The AC cord conveniently retracts into the back of the microwave.

DC Direct to 24 volt Battery - The extra long 9 foot cable has alligator clamps to attach directly to any 24 volt vehicle or boat battery. In this power mode the 24 volt microwave oven delivers the same 660 watts of cooking power as the AC cord.

DC Vehicle Power Outlet - Allows you to plug the 24 volt microwave oven into a 24 volt vehicle power outlet rated at 20 amps or greater. Using the 20 amp vehicle power outlet, the microwave produces 235 watts of cooking power, great for reheating meals, warming coffee or heating convenience foods. Vehicle power outlets can't supply enough power for the 24 volt microwave to pop popcorn, although popcorn pops great using the other power options. Check your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure the outlets are rated at 20 amps.



* Water resistant outer shell
* 10" x 7" x 6" outer dimensions
* Durable zippered cover
* Front and top straps
* Fits inside the WaveBox microwave oven
* Thermal liner
* Keeps items cool for hours
* Carry with 24 volt microwave or alone
* Always remove the CoolBag from inside the WaveBox before operating the microwave oven

What would you call a product that allows you to cook or reheat your favorite foods and hot beverages just about anywhere? A product that puts the power of your kitchen wherever you are? How about the 24 Volt microwave oven. The 24 Volt microwave oven is all about cooking, convenience and freedom. With an easy-grip handle and a compact, sleek design, the 2 volt microwave oven is as easy to tote as a small picnic cooler. If that's not enough innovation, it comes with the CoolBag, an integrated soft-side cooler that keeps your food and drinks cool until you're ready to heat your food up.

The 24 volt microwave oven has a stylish, retro design that looks good anywhere – in a pickup truck, semi-trailer, RV, minivan, dorm room, office, camp site and dozens of other locations. Available in four colors (Pearl, Cherry, Cobalt and Midnight) it will make a great addition to your active life.

Three preset cook buttons provide one-touch convenience, or you can easily set your own cook times. Generous cooking space relative to unit size accommodates reheatable containers, cups and mugs, and a wide variety of convenience food items.


Shell Reinforced ABS plastic
Base Rubber footings
Exterior Width 15"
Exterior Depth 10"
Exterior Height 11"
Cooking Cavity Width 10"
Cooking Cavity Depth 7"
Cooking Cavity Height 6"
Net Weight 14 lbs
Color Midnight 
Voltage 120v AC; 24v DC
Wattage 660w AC/Direct Connect
240w Vehicle Power Outlet
AC cord length 3'
DC direct connect cord length 9' with alligator clamps
DC power outlet cord length 5'